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Liguria is a unique and suggestive place; a natural paradise in which mountain meld with sea, creating a rich culture and cuisine, with natural products that have inspired many poets and writers.
Bella Napoli is a guesthouse in La Spezia which takes place in a reserved and intimate contest; furthermore, it has 15 rooms deployed in three different structures. The first structure is on the upper deck of the pizzeria-restaurant, while the other two are approximately 50m from the first structure.

Bella Napoli guesthouse in La Spezia has double, single and family rooms; by this way, it can easily satisfy every kind of needs: family, couple who want to spend a romantic weekend and passing tourists. In addition, our staff pay attention to all offered services, from check-in to check-out.

Visitors who spend their time by Bella Napoli guesthouse in La Spezia can taste our international breakfast: we offer both hot and cold drinks, fresh-squeezed juices, yoghurts and croissants. We also offer savoury dishes such as eggs, bread, sandwiches and so on. The collaboration with the underlying restaurant permits a continuous restock of raw materials and fresh ingredients.
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La Spezia is a perfect city for those who wish to spend an unforgettable holiday in Cinque Terre: a beautiful seaside, full of cultural and archaeological sites of enchanting beauty. The thriving coast is full of marvellous beaches, encircled in distance by mountains ranges, which are parallel to the coast.
Furthermore, for those who love nature and excursions, Cinque Terre offers absolutely unique areas including the National Park and several sea areas. Nearby, you can find charming villages and enchanting little towns, including Portovenere and Lerici, towards the Golfo dei Poeti.
Bassa Stagione: dal 01 ottobre al 28 febbraio
Singola € 40,00Mezza pensione € 50,00
Matrimoniale € 70,00Mezza Pensione € 90,00
Doppia € 70,00Mezza Pensione € 90,00
Tripla € 90,00 Mezza Pensione € 120,00
Quadrupla € 100,00Mezza Pensione € 140,00
Media Stagione: dal 28 febbraio al 20 maggio
Singola € 40,00
Mezza pensione € 50,00
Matrimoniale € 75,00
Mezza Pensione € 95,00
Doppia € 75,00
Mezza Pensione € 95,00
Tripla € 95,00 Mezza Pensione € 125,00
Quadrupla € 110,00
Mezza Pensione € 150,00
Alta Stagione: dal 20 maggio al 30 giugno:
Singola € 45,00Mezza pensione € 55,00
Matrimoniale € 95,00Mezza Pensione € 110,00
Doppia € 95,00Mezza Pensione € 115,00
Tripla € 110,00 Mezza Pensione € 140,00
Quadrupla € 120,00Mezza Pensione € 160,00
Altissima stagione: luglio e agosto
Singola € 50,00
Mezza pensione € 60,00
Matrimoniale € 95,00
Mezza Pensione € 110,00
Doppia € 95,00
Mezza Pensione € 115,00
Tripla € 110,00 Mezza Pensione € 140,00
Quadrupla € 120,00
Mezza Pensione € 160,00
Alta Stagione, periodi particolari: Natale, Capodanno, San Giuseppe (19/03), Pasqua, 1 Maggio:
Singola € 50,00Mezza pensione € 60,00
Matrimoniale € 90,00Mezza Pensione € 110,00
Doppia € 90,00Mezza Pensione € 110,00
Tripla € 110,00 Mezza Pensione € 140,00
Quadrupla € 120,00Mezza Pensione € 160,00
*We give a discount for stays of more than 3 days.
Methods of payments accepted: cash, cash card, bank transfer and credit card


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