Bella Napoli Affittacamere La Spezia

Pizzeria in La Spezia


Tradition of Liguria

The pizzeria in La Spezia, Bella Napoli, offers delicious rustic pizzas, preparing the dough with high quality flavours, which make our pizza easily digestible. Our great attention to the ingredient make us obtain high quality, delicious, crunchy and digestible pizzas.

We love following gastronomic traditions of our land, made of skilfully combined raw materials.
Moreover, you can find exquisite pizzas with cured meats, seasonal vegetables or fish: passing customer can try our “quattro stagioni” pizza, which is prepared with buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomato, or an inviting staffed calzone.
The rich menu of the guesthouse in La Spezia is enhanced by a good selection of contours, fresh starters and gastronomic snacks.